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Understand Your Body, a New Book!

Understand Your Body:

Multidimensional Healing Method to Regain Your Health

by Gary L. Storkan, D.C.

After years and years of requests, Dr. Storkan has now published his book, “Understand Your Body: Multidimensional Healing Method to Regain Your Health.”

In this comprehensive outline of Dr. Storkan’s amazing skills, techniques, sources, and discoveries, you will learn how to activate your ability to observe, acknowledge, and understand the true state of your physical body.

From there, you will learn about the techniques Dr. Storkan has found to be the most effective and how to find practitioners who also work with them.

You’ll learn about common symptoms of conditions that are often overlooked by other practitioners.

And you’ll even learn techniques you can use at home to help your body manage stress and fight disease, including how Dr. Storkan is able to muscle test so accurately and how you can do it too, how to reset your stress switches, and much, much more!

What can this book do for you?

For Patients:

  • Learn about your body’s energy grid and the interconnectedness of all aspects of your health.
  • Learn a simple cranial adjustment you can do on yourself to balance your pituitary, the Master Gland.
  • Learn the causes and symptoms of adrenal issues and how they might be impacting many aspects of your health.
  • Learn how to test yourself for compatibility with foods and supplements.
  • Learn a simple protocol you can do at home to help your body successfully manage stress.
  • And more!

For Practitioners:

  • Learn how Dr. Storkan achieves such high accuracy in his muscle testing.
  • Learn what techniques Dr. Storkan has found most effective and where to learn them.
  • Learn some of the modifications that Dr. Storkan has made to improve effectiveness.
  • Learn which harmonizations can be used to dramatically improve results with TBM.
  • Learn about Dr. Storkan’s groundbreaking multidimensional approach to gain deeper access to your patients’ needs.
  • And more!

Table Of Contents:


PART ONE – Know Your Body

  • Your Energy Grid
  • Components of Your Health
  • Physical Components of Your Health
  • Mental-Emotional Components of Your Health
  • Metabolic Components of Your Health
  • The Reflex Points
  • Your Energy Patterns
  • The Circadian Clock
  • The Adrenals
  • Mild Adrenal Burnout
  • Severe Adrenal Burnout
  • Coping Mechanisms
  • Adrenal Burnout and Chronic Fatigue
  • Adrenal Fatigue in Various Age Groups
  • Adrenal Fatigue and Anxiety
  • Your Nervous System
  • Occasional Stress vs. Chronic Stress
  • Adrenal Recovery
  • Remedies
  • The Thyroid
  • The Pituitary
  • Food Allergies
  • Parasites
  • Mold
  • Fungus
  • Candida
  • Lyme Disease
  • Lyme Treatment Protocol

PART TWO – Talk To Your Body

  • About Dimensions
  • Working With Dimensions
  • Muscle Testing
  • How To Muscle Test
  • Psychological Reversal
  • Polarity Point
  • Switching
  • First Aspect
  • Second Aspect
  • Third Aspect – Ileocecal Valve Test
  • Ileocecal Valve Reset
  • Finding the Priority Organ
  • Working on the Priority Organ
  • Core Beliefs
  • The Harmonization Process
  • Reprogramming The Spine
  • My Addition for Advanced Reprogramming
  • My Protocol Guidelines

PART THREE – Heal Your Body

  • Self-Testing Technique
  • The Ten Golden Rules That I Follow
  • The Five Golden Rules I Share With Patients
  • Questionnaire
  • The Universal Presence
  • Final Thoughts
  • References
  • About The Author

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