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Dr. Storkan is amazing! I have seen him for several of his different healing abilities. His chiropractic skills and unique way of desensitizing the human body to allergies is priceless. Not to mention he’s worked on a few other issues I’ve had through adjustments and nutritional supplements.

Victoria L., White Rock, NM

Dr. Storkan is kind, compassionate, and a true healer. He is gentle, and really listens to and connects with his patients. I find the process he uses for allergies to be amazing, as it is so effective, long lasting, non-invasive and inexpensive. Through muscle testing and gentle taps on the spine it has, in only one or two sessions, cleared my allergies to plants such as chamisa and juniper. He also tests for common allergies to various foods and environmental toxins such as wood smoke, and clears those. I have horses and can experience allergic reactions when we bring in new types of hay. I put a sample in a plastic bag and bring it in, and Dr. Storkan clears my system so that I no longer react to that type of hay.

The other issue Dr. Storkan has helped me with is hiatal hernia. He has a technique that gets the stomach back where it should be. And he generously offers this help free of charge between regular sessions, if needed.

Alice G., Santa Fe, NM

This guy’s amazing. I feel so awesome it’s still hard to believe.

Andy B.

We are incredibly lucky to have Dr. Storkan in town! I’ve been seeing Dr. Storkan for more than 10 years and I can say that he is simply a magician. He helped me and my family in so many ways! He is a go-to doctor in town for allergies, but even he helps us tremendously with environmental and food allergies, this is only the surface of his magic!

For months I was having a bad pain in my shoulder, and it got to the point that I couldn’t even make a bed. Dr. Storkan fixed my shoulder in one session! It was amazing to see, how after only 15 minutes I could move my arm with no pain. He fixes my back when it starts bothering me, so that I can hike for hours. It takes only one session, and I go from being able to walk painless for 15 minutes to a full day of hiking. He was able to fix other health problems I had, including the ones that are extremely hard to treat, and regular doctors were not able to help with. He never gives up on his patients! He will be looking for a solution, and he will find it! He is extremely skilled and gifted in getting to the root of the health problem. He figures out the disbalances in the body, and treats them with TBM and supplements. He doesn’t mask the symptoms, he addresses the problem that causes them. I believe that Dr. Storkan can fix pretty much anything given the chance and some time, at least this was my experience.

One more thing that keeps fascinating me when I think of it – after one session, Dr. Storkan joked that he rewired my brain. I laughed, but that night I started seeing dreams again! It’s been many years since I saw a dream, and seeing them again was unbelievable. I still can’t find an explanation of how by just doing his manipulations with the points on the body, he could fix such a complex thing as human brain! But he did, just like many other magical things he does so seemingly easy.

I highly recommend Dr. Storkan! He is the one who can really change your life.

Lesya B., Los Alamos, NM

Amazing allergy relief technique, conscientious health care by an experienced, gifted chiropractor. Excellent customer service as well!

Mary W.M., Los Lunas, NM

Best chiro I’ve ever been to. Wish I lived closer. Never would’ve believed it but my lower back feels the best it’s felt in years and my allergies really seem to be gone. This time of year is usually bad but I feel great.

Tom J., Littleton, CO

The best ever…

Bo M. W.

After 20+ years of searching via western medicine, other chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture and pain meds for a serious hip ailment causing many years of pain and limping I finally found someone who “put me back together again” within 6-9mths!” I am, today, 99.9% pain and limp free! Thank you Dr. Storkan.

Blanca J.

Dr. Storkan is amazing – he treated my family for 8 years. He desensitized us to many allergies. We moved to Las Vegas NV 4.5 years ago, and have never been able to find another chiropractor even close!

Mary S.