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Metabolic and Nutritional Balancing

Temporary nutritional balancing and supplementation as needed to help the body return to balance.

Benefits of Nutritional Balancing:

  • Improved energy.
  • Improved sense of wellbeing.
  • Improved disposition.
  • Stronger immune function.
  • Stronger organ and glandular function, which reduces or eliminates associated symptoms.

The Technique

Dr. Storkan’s is not a nutritional-based practice, however all of his patients come in with various metabolic dysfunctions, which are part of the underlying triggers that cost the body so much energy that it can not correct itself.

Dr. Storkan believes the body is a miracle, and if given half a chance, it can heal any dysfunction within itself. Therefore, he strives to find the areas that are dysfunctional and the reasons this is occurring, so that he can correct them and remove the obstacles blocking the body’s natural healing process. To this end, Dr. Storkan uses a set of reflexes that he has learned during his years in practice, which he finds very accurate in determining the status of an organ or gland. Once he finds as many dysfunctions as he can find, he looks for the one that is the main priority, as he has found that working on that one will allow all of the others to regain proper function.

Once he discovers what triggers are causing that organ or gland to spend so much energy that it is weakened, he works to alleviate the triggers one at a time until that organ or gland regains proper function, which may require temporary nutrition to support it until it can function on its own. On occasion, the body may bring up another priority after it has the ability to function better. He continues this process for as long as the body needs to regain its strength, and can more adequately adapt to its environment. Usually, by this time, the patient has their life back, which is the goal.


None, other than feeling better.


None, however if the patient is very invested in their ill health, they may continue to recreate or create new problems.